Do I need a Visa to Visit Vietnam ? The different ways to obtain a Visa for Vietnam

Note : I am updating here the entry requirements, but I am not an official source so it is your duty to double check, before your trip, the entry requirements at an official source, like for example at the Vietnam Consulate in your country.

  1. Corona issue : Vietnam does not impose requirements related to the Corona for entering Vietnam. No need to show vaccination and no need for tests and no quarantine.
  2. Health Insurance – It is no more a requirement for entering Vietnam. Still, it is very recommended to have an health insurance when you are traveling. Use an health insurance you know from your country or buy one that is international, like the one described here.
  3. Return Ticket – In some cases, you may be asked to show a return ticket from Vietnam (at the check in at the airport or at the arrival in Vietnam). If you are asked and you don’t have one, don’t panic. You can always buy a cheap flight ticket to a neighboring country (Thailand for example). They don’t care to where you fly, when you leave Vietnam.

Visa For Vietnam

Usually yes, you need a Visa. It depends on :

  1. The passport you have (the country).
  2. The time you want to stay in Vietnam (Usually Tourist Visas are for 1 month or 3 months).
  3. Single entry or multiple entries (if you can re-enter Vietnam with the same visa).
  4. Type of Visa : Tourist, Business, Student (usually, you ask for a tourist visa).

There are several ways you can get a Tourist Visa for Vietnam :

1. Visa Exemption – No Visa

A small number of countries, don’t need a Visa for a short visit in Vietnam. The length of stay and the countries are being updated constantly. You can see the updated list of countries in the Wikipedia link below. If you are eligible for an exemption, you can land at any airport in Vietnam, without notice, and proceed to the normal queue of immigration. The immigration will put a stamp on your passport with your arrival date and a maximum date of exit
If you want to stay for a longer period of time than the exemption, then do a E-Visa, before your travel.

2. E-Visa – Visa Online (Internet Website)

This is the preferred way to receive a visa for Vietnam. This form of visa is relatively new. You get your visa online, via a dealer (one of them is the official government site). There are visas for 1 month and visas for 3 months. There are Visas for a single entry and Visas for multiple entries (which means that you can exit and re-enter Vietnam during the visa validity). The countries eligible for eVisa are being updated constantly. You can see the updated list of countries in the Wikipedia link below. There are many dealers online who can provide an eVisa. Some of the eVisa dealers are cited below.
To obtain the eVisa, you will need to fill a form online and upload a copy of your passport. Be careful while filling the form. A simple error in a character of the your name, can result in problems at the arrival.
After a few working days, you will receive an email from the dealer, with your eVisa. Check that all the data is correct. You should print this eVisa and show it at the normal immigration queue when you arrive to Vietnam (from my experience, showing the eVisa on the smartphone is good enough). The immigration will put a stamp on your passport with your arrival date and the maximum date of exit.

3. Visa at Vietnam consulates (or embassies) all over the world

This is the classical way to get a visa. You physically go to the consulate, you fill a form and give a photo, you pay a fee and leave your passport. You return after a few days to collect your passport with your Vietnam visa in it.
Note : In some consulates, it is accepted that a travel agency will do the procedure for you (bring the passport and recollect it). You will need to pay a commission to the travel agency.

4. Visa via a Sponsor

Some countries are not eligible for a eVisa (nor for a Visa exemption). There may still be a way to get a Visa for Vietnam. You are “invited” by someone in Vietnam or you are part of an organized trip. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be with your sponsor during your visit.
There are many dealers online who can be a sponsor for your visit. One of them may be

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