Is Vietnam Safe for Tourists ?


The countries in South East Asia are pretty safe, including Vietnam. In fact, Asia is the region with the least murder rate in the world. You can see the ranking in Wikipedia.
There are also less cases of international terrorism, although terror attacks can happen anywhere.


It depends, where and how you travel.
In big cities like Saigon and Hanoi , there are good hospitals and hygiene standards . In rural areas it could be more hazardous.

Travel Insurance (Health Insurance)

Travel insurance is very important. It guarantees medical assistance in case of accident or medical problem. See what I wrote about this topic in the page :  How to find a Travel (Health) Insurance for Vietnam and Asia.


Usually, people who are visiting big cities in South East Asia, are not doing special vaccinations before the trip. In the countryside it’s more problematic. There could be cases of typhoid fever, dengue fever, malaria and more. There could be also seasonal epidemics like the zika virus. Only your doctor can advise you about the vaccinations to take (recommendations are changing all the time, depending on epidemics and territory) .
You should also be up to date, with normal vaccinations like Hepatitis A and B and Tetanus.


Not a special problem in Vietnam. Just act with common sense.
There are little scams in Vietnam. They are usually non violent. See the page about the scams in Vietnam.

Road Accidents

It is a problem in Vietnam, even as a pedestrian. See the page about the traffic in Vietnam.
A risk in Vietnam, could be if you are renting a motorbike while you don’t have experience riding one. Many tourists are involved in motorbikes accidents in Asia.

Accidents in general

All the issue of safety is less developed in Asia. Be careful of falling objects, irregular sidewalks etc.

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