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Can Tho – Maps – Orientation

Map 1 – Distances from Can Tho

Map 2 – Airport + Bus Station + Floating Market

Map 3 – The Center of Can Tho

Map 4 – Interactive Map : Attractions + Transport + Town

  1. Points in Green : The River Promenade – City Center
  2. Points in Blue : Tourist Attractions
  3. Points in Red : Transport (Airport + Bus Central Station)

What to Visit in Can Tho ?

Floating Market –  “Cai Rang”

The main attraction of Can Tho. Floating markets are common in South East Asia, for example in the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand.

In floating markets there are small boats that are selling food, mostly vegetables and fruits. In the case of Can Tho the buyers are also on boats. There are markets where the boats are parking for a while.

In the early morning, the market of Can Tho is “wholesale”, the boats are selling there merchandise to other merchants and tourists are mostly watching. Later on, during the day, there are still the sellers in boats, but the buyers are tourists on tours.
In Can Tho, the floating market of Cai Rang is situated about 6 Km from the center, via a trip on the river.

When to arrive to the floating market ?

If you want to see the market at its best, you should wake up very early (at night) in order to arrive with the boat at 5:00 to the market.
I don’t like to wake up early, so I took a boat in the late morning and I still enjoyed the trip. There were still enough floating merchants, as you can see from the pictures.

How to Buy a trip to the floating market ?

Go along the river promenade (the night market area) and you will see endless proposals for boat trips. You can also buy it from your hotel and in that case it may include the transport to the river (the boats depart from the promenade).

How much does it cost ?

The price varies according to the company, the type of boat, the number of hours and how many people there are on the boat. It can be also a private tour.

I managed to take a trip of 3 hours for 50,000 Dong. This price is usually not available, they try to sell to tourists more expensive packages. If you want a cheap tour, follow Vietnamese families who approach the piers (as a bonus, you will be on the boat with Vietnamese and not with tourists, I was the only non Vietnamese, on the boat).

How is a typical tour to the floating market ?

First, there is a sail till the floating market, it takes about half hour (also the return takes half hour). In the market area, the merchants are approaching the “tourist boats” and some of the tourists are buying a fruit or a drink. A coconut, for example.

Next, there is a stop in a floating restaurant. If you are doing the trip with Vietnamese, they will eat a noodle soup (no matter the hour of the day) and you will probably just drink something (because you will want a French croissant and not a noodle soup and they don’t have croissants in the floating markets).

Next, there will be a stop in a shop, where you can see and buy local products.

One of the local product is fish sauce. There are also interesting liquors.

Next stop is in an orchard garden. There is enough time to make a small boat trip in the water canals (you are the captain, in this boat).

As always in Vietnam, there are creatures, who are less enjoying the general fun.

Next, there is a stop in small candy factory, which is more a shop for tourists. They are producing candies from rice and coconuts.

During the sail, you also see floating houses :

After a while, the boat returns home. In the background you can see  the Vincom mall.

The river promenade – Ninh Kieu wharf

It is hot in Can Tho, so you will probably arrive to the promenade only at sunset. At day time, you may take a boat from here, to the floating market.

Along the promenade, you will cross the :

1. Ho Chi Minh Monument

This is a big statue. When you will be in Hanoi, you should visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Ho Chi Minh museum.

2. Night Market

On the south part of the promenade. It has clothes, tourist items and food.

3. Ong Temple

Located opposite the road of the promenade. A beautiful Chinese temple.

Prison Museum – Kham Lon

It was used during the French occupation to hold Vietnamese dissidents.

Now it is a museum, with a lot of mannequins in cells.

If you intend to arrive to Hanoi, you should visit there the Hoa Lo Prison, it is a much more interesting museum than this one.

Don’t count totally on the official opening hours. You may arrive to the place and discover that the museum is closed for a few hours, for an unknown reason.

The good news : It is a Free entrance museum.

How to get there ?

See location on the Maps above.
You can arrive by foot, Taxi, Grab Taxi, rented bike or motorbike.

Can Tho Museum

A museum related to the Delta region and Can Tho city. It is about the history of wars in the region + about culture in the Delta region. Free entrance. You can read more about this museum in Wikipedia.

How to get there ?

See location on the Maps above.
You can arrive by foot, Taxi, Grab Taxi, rented bike or motorbike.

Phat Hoc Pagoda

It is located very centrally in Can Tho, at an important intersection.

Was built in 1951.

From the top floor there is a nice view over the avenue.

How to get there ?

See location on the Maps above.
You can arrive by foot, Taxi, Grab Taxi, rented bike or motorbike.

You will cross more temples in the streets of Can Tho :

Organised Excursions at Can Tho

There are a lot of organised excursions at Can Tho and the rest of the Delta. You can book a tour here. 

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