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The Tourist Attractions are grouped in zones :

What to Visit in Hanoi :

Zone 4

Lake – Trúc Bạch

It is a small part of the (big) west lake :

It is nice to walk around this lake, there are many coffees.

And boats :

This is the lake where John McCain (pilot and later American senator) was shot down and fell with his airplane in the Vietnam war and taken prisoner.

Temple – Chua Tran Quoc

The oldest Buddhist temple in Hanoi ( from the sixth century). It has a beautiful pagoda.

During feasts (like the new year, the Tet), there are ceremonies and a lot of visitors :

It is common to buy a fish

And to free him in the ponds

Temple – Den Quan Thanh

A Taoist temple from the 11th century.

It is very impressive inside :

Zone 5

Bridge – “Long Bien”

It is a very long bridge (2.5 Km) that connects the old quarter of Hanoi to another district.

It is an important way to the region of Halong Bay and the city of Haiphong.

The bridge has a lot of history : It was built around 1900 by the French and it was heavily bombarded during the Vietnam war.

Today, people like to take pictures on the rails :

In case you are asking yourself : Yes, there is a train that passes here. There is not a lot of them and they are slow, but it is still a train. These trains are connecting Hanoi to Haiphong city (Halong Bay).

It is very nice to walk on the bridge, the scenery is changing along the way.

But there is a lot of noise from the traffic.

There is even fruits to buy :

At the end you arrive to a mall, where you can relax.

In a nearby garden I saw people gathered to see a cock fight.

I returned the same way, to the old quarter.

There are some poor neighborhoods at the beginning of the bridge :

In order to arrive to the bridge, just go to the central bus station called “Long Bien” and you will see the beginning of the bridge.

Zone 6

Lotte Tower – Observation Deck

If you like to see a city from above, come here :

The skyscraper has 65 floors and it has an observation deck.

It is not located in the center of Hanoi, but the big western lake is clearly seen.

You also see the zoo park. The view is very nice.

There is a glass floor area :

You can drink a coffee :

Downstairs, there is a department store.

The building belongs to the Lotte corporation, the one who owns the Lotteria fast-food (it is like Mc Donald’s) and indeed, they have put a Lotteria burger also in the observatory deck.

The Ticket price is : 230,000 Dong

Zoo – Hanoi

It is not the most amazing zoo that I have seen.

The zoo is small and there are not a lot of animals and the ones who are here, are kept in bad conditions.

Still, it is a nice garden, with a lot of children enjoying life with their families.

There are elephants

And hippopotamus

And there is a lake

With duck-boats :

The entry price is very cheap : 10,000 Dong

Museum of Ethnology – Hanoi

The museum is about the different ethnic groups of Vietnam (there are more than 50 official ethnic groups).

The museum is partly in a building and partly in a garden

In the garden, there are different huts, built exactly as a typical house of the specific ethnic groups

This one is quite impressive :

There is a lot of information about the cultures in Vietnam. For example the water puppets show and the craft of building these dolls.

Or the typical Vietnamese hats :

Fishing traps :

Structures with statues :

Very long structures :

And shorter ones :

Of course that it is possible to visit inside :

Ticket entrance price : 40,000 Dong

Organized Excursions

There are a lot of organized excursions for Hanoi and out of Hanoi. You can book a tour here with Viator.

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