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Phu Quoc Beaches – Maps

Map 1 – Beaches

Map 2 – Interactive Map : Beaches + Attractions + Transport

  1. Points in Green : Main Town – “Duong Dong”
  2. Points in Red : Transport (Airport + Ports)
  3. Points in Blue : Tourist Attractions
  4. Points in Orange : Beaches


Phu Quoc is big. The circumference of Phu Quoc is about 130 Km long and it means that there are a lot of water around and a lot of beaches.
On this page, I will state the main beaches and I will give you a good idea about what to expect in each area of the island. It will keep you busy for your first 3 months on the island  🙂

How to Arrive to the Beaches ?

You probably live beside a beach, so you will be at a walking distance to at least one beach. To explore the rest of the island, the best is with a rented motorbike. See the possible ways of transport, on the first page.

The Beaches of Phu Quoc :

I list the beaches in the order as they appear in Map 1 above, clockwise, starting from Long Beach which is near the main town of the island “Duong Dong”.

1. Long Beach

Look at Map 1 above. “Long Beach” is marked as 1

Long Beach is the most known beach of Phu Quoc. It is located just below the main town of the island, the town of “Duong Dong”. You can access the beach from the city.
It is a long beach. You can walk on the sand for 3 Km without interruption (if you also return, it will be 6 Km !).
Along the beach, there are many resorts, so you will find a lot of places to drink a coffee.
In the evening, some resorts have loud music with alcohol.
A big part of the tourists of Phu Quoc have their hotel at Long Beach, so the beach is relatively crowded.

Long Beach is a public beach, but some resorts have their swimming pools very close to the water and if you will try to sit in one of the sunbathing chairs, a guard will intervene.

The water is a long straight line, no special scenery.
There are more beautiful beaches on the island, but this one is still very pleasant.

If you want to stay in Long Beach, see Hotels.

2. Ong Lang Beach

Look at Map 1 above. “Ong Lang Beach” is marked as 2

If your first encounter with the water was at Long Beach, then your second step should be to upgrade to “Ong Lang Beach”. The water here is much more beautiful and there are some curves and rocks, so more interesting.

Ong Lang Beach is relatively close to the city of Duong Dong (the main city), but not close enough for arriving on foot. It is about 7 Km to the north (via the road), so use a motorbike or another mean of transport.

The area behind the beach is quite special, it is like a small village and some travellers choose to stay to sleep here, so there are small hotels and “Home Stay”.

There are cafés and restaurants

The roads that lead to the beaches are not always paved. You can park your motorbike in a restaurant near the water, they have guards.

Ong Lang Beach is a public beach.

The beach here is mostly clean

But not everywhere

Overall, it is one of the best beaches of Phu Quoc and close to the main city

If you want to stay in Ong Lang Beach, see Hotels.

3. Cua Can Beach + Rock island

Look at the following Map + at the Maps above.

From Ong Lang beach, if you continue to the north on the main road (left side of the island), you will see a sign to “Cua Can” Beach. It is a very nice area.

Cua Can itself is a public beach but there are a lot of private resorts around.

One resort is for example Chez Carole Beach resort

When it is a private beach, they put cool things on the sand

another is Green Bay resort

and there is Mövenpick more to the south, it is a huge hotel.

The Rock island

There is a nice short visit that you can do to a nearby “micro island”. It is operated by the Hotel Nam Nghi.

First, you pay the ticket at the hotel. It costs 500,000 Dong. Then an electric car takes you to the pier.

A VIP boat takes you to the island (just 5 minutes sail)

On the island there is water around

The sunbathing beds are free

At the bar, you are entitled to a cocktail and a snack (included with the ticket)

You can take your drink to the terrace and wait for the sunset

Luckily, the VIP boat also takes you back to the main island

4. Starfish Beach

Look at the following Map + at the Maps above.

Starfish beach is located at the top of the island.

The main road doesn’t reach that area and if you arrive by motorbike, you will have a little bit of fun riding in sort of trails.

The beach is called “Starfish beach” because there is supposed to be a lot of beautiful, red starfishes in the water. The problem is that it depends on the season. When I visited I spotted only 2 starfishes in the water (and later when I visited the right side of the island, I saw many more of them).

So don’t expect too much regarding the starfishes on that beach. On the other hand, the view is beautiful and there are seafood restaurants built on the water.

If you are Vegetarian like me, forget about eating something in these restaurants and just enjoy the place.

5. Luna Beach (+ area)

Look at the following Map + at the Maps above.

Luna Beach is just one of the many typical beaches that you will find on this side of the island. I am talking about the top left side of the island.

When you arrive from the main town Duong Dong (with the main diagonal road DT973) to this corner of the island, you can continue on the scenic beach road (TL48) in direction south.

Don’t worry, there are not too many main roads on that island, you will not get lost. This scenic road is more or less the only road in which you see the sea while driving. If you stop on your way and enter one of the unpaved road towards the water, you will find yourself in beautiful beaches.

The accommodation available on this part of the island, is usually modest and consist of “Home Stay”. The big companies have not built here huge buildings (not yet).

The simple restaurants on these beaches, will address you as soon as you enter their territory. The food is good.

The scenery is changing a little bit, while you drive towards the south.

More to the south, there is a sophisticated Australian bar called Rory’s Beach Bar.

With good music and drinks

6. Sao Beach

Look at Map 1 above. “Sao Beach” is marked as 6

All the inhabitants of the island will recommend you : “go to visit Sao Beach”. At Sao Beach the sand is particularly white and the landscape is beautiful. It is true that the beach is nice, but the same scenery exists also for a lot of beaches south of that point, for example Khem Beach. Sao beach is relatively crowded, a lot of organised buses are arriving here. There are big restaurants and a lot of movement.

I even saw a motorbike riding on the sand

There is also sport activity, like Parasailing.

And Jet-Ski

There is a place with a lot of hammocks

Some parts of the beach are beautiful

And some parts need a cleaning, like it happens in many public beaches

Some structures are adapted to take pictures

Some corners are with rocks

If you will try to sit on one of these swings, a guy may ask you to pay a fee.

7. Khem Beach

Look at Map 1 above. “Khem Beach” is marked as 7

Khem Beach is like Sao Beach, but for the rich. The landscape is beautiful and the sand is very white.

There are luxurious resorts near the water. The Marriott hotel is nearby.

The guards of the resorts are watching all the non guests, very carefully

There are often winds, in this part of the island

A little bit inside the land, a colorful city is built with hotels and restaurants and cafés.

8. Hon Thom island

Look at Map 1 above. “Hon Thom island” is marked as 8

This is the main attraction of Phu Quoc, so you will probably arrive to this beach in your first days of visit. As described in page 2, you  take a cable car and arrive to the micro island named Hon Thom. On this tiny island there is a water park and if you take a shuttle bus (or walk, if you insist) you arrive to a beautiful beach. I was lucky to be there in non crowded times, but I guess that with a lot of people, it may be different. There are hammocks between the trees, the water is clear and there is a restaurant behind (with 0 consideration for Vegetarians like me).

9. Long Beach  – South part

Look at the following Map + at the Maps above.

This area is also called “Long Beach” but it is 10 Km more to the south related to the Long Beach near the Duong Dong town. This one is bellow the airport line. It is a developed area. There are some big hotels like InterContinental and a sailing club.

The beach is very pleasant

And you can drink a Cappuccino, at one of the big hotels restaurants

I shot the following photo from inside the water. As you can see there are no waves, so no problems to do that.

Some people with energy are doing sports here

Also water sports

“Sunset Senato” Beach – (at Long Beach, South part)

Close to the airport, there is a beach called “Sunset Senato”. It is a beach with payment. They have built here strange structures on the sand, especially for taking photos beside them, and especially at sunset time.

Which beach to visit if you are limited in time ?

If you are limited in time, then don’t spend time to reach beaches that are difficult to access like Starfish Beach.
You will probably visit anyway, the highlight of the island, the cable car to the island of Hon Thom, and there is a (small) beautiful beach there.
Also, depending on which part of the island you live, you can concentrate on beaches that are close to you. See Map 1 above.
If you stay in Long Beach or in the main town of Duong Dong, then I would make an effort to arrive to visit Ong Lang Beach. It is relatively close and special. Sao Beach is on the other side of the island and also should be visited if you have more time.

The problem with the private beaches in Phu Quoc :

Unfortunately, a lot of the waters of Phu Quoc are occupied by private hotels and they sometimes completely forbid the access to external people. There are several situations for the non guests :

  • Case 1 : Public beach – The hotels are near the water, but don’t have rights on the water line. In this case, it is a public beach and you just need to be careful not to step into the private territory of the hotels, like a swimming pool. Example of such a beach : Long Beach.
  • Case 2 : Public beach by payment. It is the case for example of the beach in Hon Thon island, that you arrive with the cable car.
  • Case 3 : Semi private beach – Very Luxury hotels are near the water. Probably the hotels are not allowed to restrict the access to the general public, but they wish they could, so they put a lot of guards near the water. They make you feel uncomfortable. Example : Khem beach.
  • Case 4 : Private beach with access – Small hotels (and also more sophisticated ones), may be happy to receive you on their beach if you eat or drink in their restaurant. Example : Luna Beach.
  • Case 5 : Private beach with no access – A lot of luxury resorts, have guards who forbid the access to non guests. Example : Premier Village hotel.

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