What to Visit in Mui Ne, Vietnam and how to arrive ?

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Mui Ne – Orientation – Maps

Map 1 :

Map 2 :

Map 3 :

Interactive Map : Tourist attractions + Transport

  1. Line in Purple : Mui Ne beaches
  2. Points in Blue : Tourist Attractions
  3. Points in Red : Transport – Train Stations

What to Visit in Mui Ne ?

Fairy stream

A nice place and also easy to access from the main road.

You walk for about 40 minutes along a shallow river, with your feet inside water.

There are sands in nice colours  along the way.

At some point, the water gets a little bit deeper, till the knees :

At the end, you arrive to a small waterfall, it may be more impressive in specific seasons.

For returning to the initial place, you can walk back (like I did) or take a taxi.

You can leave your shoes at the entrance (advised).
The entrance to the reserve costs 15,000 Dong.
Along the way, in the river,  there is a small zoo for kids and there is a place to ride an ostrich (not an horse, an ostrich).

There are also selling of  drinks and some kinds of restaurants, along the river.

How to get there ?

Very easy. The access is from the main road. See location on the Maps, above.
Use one of the way of transports, for inside Mui-Ne, or just walk from your hotel.

Sand Dunes (Red + White)

There are 2 locations: The “red sand dunes” site is close to Mui-Ne and the “white sand dunes” site, quite far. See later how to arrive. In fact, there are colourful sands also near the hotels, but somehow these locations has become touristic spots.

The Red Sand Dunes

You get a sort of board from the local Vietnamese women and you can glide on the dunes.

The problem is that the dunes are very small and there is nothing to glide, no gradient.

At least the view is nice and it is close to town.

There are many buses with tourists, parking here.

The White Sand Dunes

This is another story, it is farther away and tourists usually arrive here to ride on a jeep

or on a mini-tractor :

Not everyone is riding Jeeps, on the site :

There is a nice lake, adjacent to the site :

Note : It is extremely hot in the dunes, it is like a desert. Thankfully, there are coconuts and other drinks on sale.

On the way to the White sands (by motorbike) I saw :
Tombs, in interesting colours :

And cows in normal colours :

Near the White Sand site, there is a nice temple called “Chùa Bình Nhơn”

with a woman Buddha.

How to get there ?

The red sand dunes is close to Mui-Ne beaches (about 4 Km) and the white sand dune quite far (35 Km). See location on the Maps, above.

By rented motorbike or bike 
It is easy with a motorbike. The road is flat and in good condition. There are gasoline points along the way.

There is a place to park the moto, in the white sand site :

By Taxi or Taxi-moto
A taxi-moto may be more adequate for the red sand dunes. The white sand dunes are far away and you may feel weird on a back of a motorbike for such a long time.

By organised tour
Yes there are tours to the dunes, with sunset or sunrise, with jeeps or without. You will see ads in your hotel in Mui Ne.

The Temple “Chùa Bình Nhơn” is on the left of the lake.  See the location on the Interactive Map, above.

The View Point – Fishing activity

The view point is located on the main road, close to the town of Mui-Ne. See location on the Maps, above.

The view point is also nice, in the evening :

It is interesting to get down and look at the sea creatures caught by the fishermen.

Or fisherwomen :

Mui Ne town

Located to the right of the beaches. See location on the Maps, above.
The town is small. There are narrow roads in this area, some of the roads are not fully paved. There is a nice temple called Linh Long to visit (it is marked on the Interactive Map above) :

With a reclining woman Buddha :

On the main road there is a market with a lot of vegetables.

And no vegetables :

Mui Ne Beaches

The beaches on the left side of Mui-Ne strip (what I call zone 2), are wider, they look more like regular beaches, with a lot of sand to sit .

And there are zones, with easy access to the water, from the road :

The beaches on the right side of Mui-Ne strip (what I call zone 1) are sometimes without any sand to sit. The sea begins immediately after a resort garden.

As for swimming  in the sea: Feasible but there are usually no lifeguards and often there is wind and waves. Many tourists prefer to swim in the swimming pools of the hotels.

On the other hand, because of the winds, Mui Ne is good for kite surfing and wind surfing. There are several schools. See on the interactive Map above.

Phan Thiet City

If you have only 2 days in Mui Ne, you have nothing to search in Phan Thiet city. For longer periods of stay, you may want to refresh yourself for a few hours in a normal city. Phan Thiet is pleasant.
The market in the city center is interesting  :

It seems that the sea never stops to surprise, with the creatures living in it :

These were frogs :

There is a river in Phan Thiet :

And nice bridges

How to get there ?

It is about 15 Km from Mui Ne beaches. See location on the Maps, above.

  • By Taxi or Taxi-moto
  • By rented motorbike, bike 
  • By Bus (number 1 or 9)

Organised Excursions in Mui Ne

There are a lot of organised excursions in Mui Ne. You can book a tour here. 

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