Do I need a Visa to Visit Vietnam ?

Usually yes. It depends on :

  1. The passport you have (the country). See the Wikipedia link below, for differences between countries. Some western countries don’t need a Visa for a stay of less than 15 days.
  2. The time you want to stay in Vietnam (Usually Tourist Visas are for 1 month or 3 months).
  3. Single entry or multiple entries (if you can re-enter Vietnam with the same visa).
  4. Type of Visa : Tourist, Business, Student (usually it is a Tourist visa).

There are now 3 ways you can get a Visa for Vietnam :

1. At Vietnam consulates (or embassies) all over the world

This is the classical way to get a visa. You physically go to the consulate, you fill a form and give a photo, you pay a fee and leave your passport. You return after a few days to collect your passport with your Vietnam visa in it.
Advantage of this form of Visa : The Visa is final, you don’t need more procedures at the airport when you arrive to Vietnam. You just go to the normal immigration line.
Disadvantage : You need to arrive to the consulate, twice.
Note : In some consulates, it is accepted that a travel agency will do the procedure for you (bring the passport and recollect it). You will need to pay a commission to the travel agency.

2. Online (Internet Website) – Visa on Arrival

You use a website of a certified visa dealer (there are many, 2 of them are cited below) and get a confirmation letter regarding your Visa application (via email). This is not a final Visa. When you land in Vietnam, at the airport, you need to go to a special booth to collect your Visa. You need to pay a commission to the website dealer and also a Visa Fee in Vietnam, when you collect your Visa (but this is not necessarily more expensive that getting a Visa at an embassy).
Advantage of this form of Visa : You don’t need to go physically to the consulate, before your trip to Vietnam.
Disadvantage : When you arrive to Vietnam, you will need to wait in a queue of persons, to receive your visa.

3. Online (Internet Website) – E-Visa

This form of visa is new (introduced in 2017). You get your final visa online, via the dealer.
Advantage of this form of Visa : Just advantages.
Disadvantage :
Not available for all countries.

Sources of Information about Visa to Vietnam :

The requirements by country, regarding the Vietnam Visa :

  1. Wikipedia – Vietnam Visa   

Online Vietnam visa dealers (They offer services of “Visa on arrival” and “E-Visa”) :


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